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Heart of Eden

Prophetic art studio based in Minneapolis, MN


I love creating art in partnership with the Holy Spirit to uplift and encourage people's hearts. Each piece is inspired by my journey with God and reflects various aspects of his nature and character.

Image by nine koepfer


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Learn the story behind Heart of Eden

What is Prophetic Art?

Simply put, prophetic art is "creating art with God." I created Heart of Eden because I love to put God's thoughts and emotions for people on display. Art is a powerful medium, because it's something people can hang in their homes and look at everyday. When I paint a prophetic piece for someone, I first take time to listen to God's voice in prayer. I ask Him what He wants to speak to the person's heart, and then I paint the image or verse that comes to mind. See some of my recent work below.





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Come Say Hi!

My art studio is in Minneapolis, MN at the renowned Northrup King Building. You can find me on the third floor in Studio 301. It was a childhood dream of mine to be in this building, and last fall, God miraculously opened the door for me to have a studio here! This journey has been so wild! 


I would love to meet you if you ever want to come say hi! Also, Art-Attack is coming up this fall - it's a big art show November 8-10. I will have my studio open, with lots of art available to purchase! I hope to see you there! 

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